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Canalys: it is estimated that the smart device market will exceed 3 billion by 2023

Canalys: It Is Estimated That The Smart Device Market Will Exceed 3 Billion By 2023

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Source: Sina VR With the development of the times, smart devices are growing rapidly, according to the latest smart device data and for...

NVIDIA introduces variable speed supersampling VRSs in detail, which greatly improves the VR experience

NVIDIA Introduces Variable Speed Supersampling VRSs In Detail, Which Greatly Improves The VR Experience

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Source: Wu Yuhua, author of yingwei.com The virtual reality industry is ushering in a new round of hardware iteration. Higher resolutio...

8K CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2020, recommended to you 8K monitor, do not buy to see! __Financial headlines

8K CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2020, Recommended To You 8K Monitor, Do Not Buy To See! __Financial Headlines

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Relying on the Spring Festival Gala of science and technology, CCTV will actively carry out the new applications of 5g, 4K / 8K, VR and AI to present ...

Why are the cases increasing greatly and leaving hospital rarely? 100000 people infected? Health Care Commission response! Who: the epidemic poses a high risk to the world

Why Are The Cases Increasing Greatly And Leaving Hospital Rarely? 100000 People Infected? Health Care Commission Response! Who: The Epidemic Poses A High Risk To The World

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Everything in economic life Guide: experts said that the current discharge standard is: the patient's clinical symptoms are basically r...

2019: value index / rift s / vive cosmos of VR

2019: Value Index / Rift S / Vive Cosmos Of VR

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Although 2019 is a small year of VR hardware iteration cycle, with more new products than 18 years, the VR market still hasn't changed...

Boast or fact? Vietnam announced the success of its own 5g research, which took only six months. Experts revealed the truth and made headlines

Boast Or Fact? Vietnam Announced The Success Of Its Own 5g Research, Which Took Only Six Months. Experts Revealed The Truth And Made Headlines

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5g technology represents the future. Because 5g has the characteristics of high speed, large capacity and low time delay, it can effec...

IfanRank 10th anniversary anniversary special: 2030 future party financial headlines

IfanRank 10th Anniversary Anniversary Special: 2030 Future Party Financial Headlines

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2020-2030 is different from other decades. The big black stone scattered in the universe in 2001: a space odyssey is a story of 20 yea...

4515 cases and 106 deaths were confirmed nationwide! All children's institutions are closed! Why does infection increase in children? Official: people are generally susceptible to financial headlines

4515 Cases And 106 Deaths Were Confirmed Nationwide! All Children's Institutions Are Closed! Why Does Infection Increase In Children? Official: People Are Generally Susceptible To Financial Headlines

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Everything in economic life Introduction: at 0-24 o'clock on January 27, 4515 cases were confirmed and 106 cases died in China. ...

2020 chief outlook Tianfeng securities Liu Chenming: hot spots of science and technology stocks will spread this year

2020 Chief Outlook Tianfeng Securities Liu Chenming: Hot Spots Of Science And Technology Stocks Will Spread This Year

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In 2019, A-share market opened a new round of market in 2020. How will the A-share market perform in the new year? Can double-digit in...

When we buy 5g mobile phones, what do we buy? __Financial headlines

When We Buy 5g Mobile Phones, What Do We Buy? __Financial Headlines

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What kind of experience can 5g mobile bring to you? Not just network speed 5g mobile phones have become a new topic of discussion, but ...

With a total of 150 employees, varjo will push lower price VR to make financial headlines in the future

With A Total Of 150 Employees, Varjo Will Push Lower Price VR To Make Financial Headlines In The Future

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On January 27, qingting.com reported that the price of varjo's first product, which focuses on enterprise VR head display, is as high as $5000. Althou...

2019: financial headlines of oculus quest in VR

2019: Financial Headlines Of Oculus Quest In VR

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Friends who often pay attention to VR industry should be familiar with oculus quest, but for consumers, its popularity is not so high....

This Spring Festival Gala Huawei mobile phone biggest winner! Multiple flagship shows! __Financial headlines

This Spring Festival Gala Huawei Mobile Phone Biggest Winner! Multiple Flagship Shows! __Financial Headlines

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I believe that on New Year's Eve, there will be many people watching the Spring Festival party, which can also be said to be the most concerned progra...

HTC reduces the price of vive Pro VR helmet by $599. Do you buy it? __Financial headlines

HTC Reduces The Price Of Vive Pro VR Helmet By $599. Do You Buy It? __Financial Headlines

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This month, HTC cut the price of its vive Pro VR headset by $200. The first generation of vive was slightly more expensive, but more affordable than t...

Awe2020 perspective: Skyworth intelligent human settlements presents

Awe2020 Perspective: Skyworth Intelligent Human Settlements Presents "financial Headlines"

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[tianji.com home appliances Channel] awe, as the largest international home appliances and consumer electronics exhibition in Asia and the top three i...

Wechat launched the function of

Wechat Launched The Function Of "epidemic Surveillance"; Wuhan Mobile Launched The First 5g Base Station Of Caidian Huoshenshan Hospital, The Financial Headline

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Big events Ministry of industry and information technology: supply 3 million masks and 100000 protective clothing for Wuhan ...

In 2020, which trends of digital technology industry have passed? What are the new air outlets? __Financial headlines

In 2020, Which Trends Of Digital Technology Industry Have Passed? What Are The New Air Outlets? __Financial Headlines

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90hz screen We have to say that this innovation is of great significance, from the first one plus launch, to the popularization of 90hz...