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$1500 price, VR / AR support, lynx R-1 all in one launch

$1500 Price, VR / AR Support, Lynx R-1 All In One Launch

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At the SPIE photonics West conference in San Francisco on FebruARy 3, French stARt-up company lynx released its first independent head display lynx R-...

Apple's new iPad Pro exposure: huge financial headlines

Apple's New IPad Pro Exposure: Huge Financial Headlines

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Time has come to FebruARy. Will the new iPad Pro be fAR away from us? According to the news, Apple will hold a new product launch in M...

Unity has released a new framework for the X r plug-in, which no longer supports Google VR and gear VR financial headlines

Unity Has Released A New Framework For The X R Plug-in, Which No Longer Supports Google VR And Gear VR Financial Headlines

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Source: www author Yan Qihua Unity has recently released a new framework for the xrplug-in. This tool is designed to support the releva...

The new iPad Pro rendering will appear, or it will be equipped with a rear three shot

The New IPad Pro Rendering Will Appear, Or It Will Be Equipped With A Rear Three Shot "financial Headlines"

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Although the total volume of the tablet computer mARket is no longer showing a high-speed growth trend, Apple's iPad series products ARe still favored...

2019 to C social failure, 2020 to B social spring financial headlines

2019 To C Social Failure, 2020 To B Social Spring Financial Headlines

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The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak was fierce in 2020. Under the epidemic, the office softwARe of enterprises wil...

Re exposure of Apple's new iPad Pro: taking photos and improving performance bring new ar playing methods and financial headlines

Re Exposure Of Apple's New IPad Pro: Taking Photos And Improving Performance Bring New Ar Playing Methods And Financial Headlines

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According to the Internet, Apple will launch a number of new products at the spring new product launch in MARch, among which the two most populAR prod...

It's fixed. Apple's new machines will make headlines next month

It's Fixed. Apple's New Machines Will Make Headlines Next Month

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Where is spring? Where is spring? Spring is gathering in the press conference In FebruARy and MARch, it was the time for major mobile phone manufactur...

Mobile browser necessary for house to hide virus, prevention and control + rumor refutation + living materials, financial headlines

Mobile Browser Necessary For House To Hide Virus, Prevention And Control + Rumor Refutation + Living Materials, Financial Headlines

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Many industries resumed construction on FebruARy 3, but there is still a risk of continuous spread of pneumonia, so many enterprises still choose to w...

Apple will release a new iPad pro, with significant performance improvement

Apple Will Release A New IPad Pro, With Significant Performance Improvement

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Speaking of apple, I believe that many small pARtners ARe no strangers, as a top technology company in the world today. Apple's development speed is a...

Meizu 17's latest rendering has been exposed with a good appearance; Xiaomi 10 series has been released ahead of time

Meizu 17's Latest Rendering Has Been Exposed With A Good Appearance; Xiaomi 10 Series Has Been Released Ahead Of Time

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Hello everyone, this is "science and Technology V". I'm dragon II. No surprise, Xiaomi 10 series should be the first model among domestic brands to cA...

5g commercial LED display industry into a new era

5g Commercial LED Display Industry Into A New Era

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5g, as the main development direction of information and communication technology in the future, has been raised to a strategic height by major countr...

People's lives are vital, but they have to eat: how can China's economy and enterprises find opportunities in crisis? __Financial headlines

People's Lives Are Vital, But They Have To Eat: How Can China's Economy And Enterprises Find Opportunities In Crisis? __Financial Headlines

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In front of life and death, everything is a small matter. Life is the key to life. At present, epidemic prevention is the first, and t...

Aurora big data: Q2 mobile Internet industry data research report in 2019

Aurora Big Data: Q2 Mobile Internet Industry Data Research Report In 2019

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The mobile game industry has recovered, and Tencent still leads the top camp: the dau of "glory of the king" continues to grow, with a penetration rat...

Strategy of Guojin: counter cyclical policy will gradually repair market pessimism technology as the main configuration line

Strategy Of Guojin: Counter Cyclical Policy Will Gradually Repair Market Pessimism Technology As The Main Configuration Line

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Source: Li Lifeng team of Guojin strategy [Guojin securities] FebruARy gold stock portfolio Puluo phARmaceutical, mango ...

Apple's new generation of iPad Pro exposes new ar related playing methods, financial headlines

Apple's New Generation Of IPad Pro Exposes New Ar Related Playing Methods, Financial Headlines

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On FebruARy 3, according to the latest report of foreign media, Apple will release a new iPad pro in MARch. The new iPad Pro will not be greatly adjus...

Feb. 3: Xiaomi 10 confirmed, Xiaolong 865 transparent engineering machine exploded, financial headlines

Feb. 3: Xiaomi 10 Confirmed, Xiaolong 865 Transparent Engineering Machine Exploded, Financial Headlines

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Today is the first day of work. A lot of friends have reworked. On the way to work, pay attention to protecting and weARing masks. I wish you all a sa...

The Linley group, the authoritative organization: Shenu Kirin 810 won the best mobile processor award, making headlines

The Linley Group, The Authoritative Organization: Shenu Kirin 810 Won The Best Mobile Processor Award, Making Headlines

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[Tianji Mobile Channel] recently, in the latest "microprocess report: Analysts' choice winners for 2019" (2019 microprocessor analysis report) releas...